Veal perkelt

Trajanje recepta

120 min



This is a Hungarian dish that never quite achieved the same level of fame as goulash or paprikash, though its elegant ingredients in a fine harmony of flavours has certainly surpassed these more famous dishes.





  1. Cut veal into cubes, and grate celery and parsley roots.
  2. Fry celery and parsley in hot oil, and add water (100 ml).
  3. Add veal, grated lemon zest, and Fant seasoning blend for goulash and paprikash mixed in 600 ml water. Bring to the boil, then add tomato concentrate and stir gently. Cook covered over low heat until meat is tender.
  4. Add cooking cream at the end of cooking, and if you wish you can also add grated parmesan.
  5. Cook peeled potatoes in lightly salted water.
  6. Slice garlic and fry briefly in half the butter. Add in a little water, add Vegeta, and sauté until garlic is softened. Add cooking cream and cook briefly.
  7. Drain cooked potatoes and mash. Mix in remaining butter, and then prepared garlic and chopped chives.
  8. Serve goulash with mashed potatoes, garlic and chives.
Posluživanje recepta

You can also make the mashed potatoes fancy by piping them through a piping bag, and serve next to veal perkelt.

Savjet za recept

Instead of veal flank you can use veal round steak, or replace mashed potatoes with pasta.